exterior of US Mint, at night, Philadelphia

FOR SALE: Mid-century architecture you can carry in your pocket

  Mmmm. Minty. This is a commemorative medal/coin dating from 1969.  (Buy the coin now.) I bought this souvenir while on a church youth group trip from York Beach, Maine to Pennsylvania. We toured from mining country in the western part of the state, to the minister’s family home in Lancaster County (his parents’ house nestled among Amish farms), to Philadelphia. There we toured the University … Continue reading FOR SALE: Mid-century architecture you can carry in your pocket

Tea Time: My Kingdom for a Scone!

For sixteen years or so, I celebrated my birthday each year with a tea party.  The tradition started when I was a junior in college, living in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The heydays were when we all jammed into my tiny apartment in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  Last year’s celebration was held at Tea & Sympathy in NYC with dear, dear friends.  A great time was had … Continue reading Tea Time: My Kingdom for a Scone!

Spooky Goblin/SOLD!

I can’t quite wrap my head around it — but suddenly it’s fall.  The roadside stands are filled with apples and pumpkins. It’s almost time to get out the rubber spiders. If you are a Halloween enthusiast, then this ghost-with-the-most may be just the thing to add to your collection this year. This ghoulish fellow is a 1930s composition candy box posted for sale in … Continue reading Spooky Goblin/SOLD!

I feel pretty, oh so pretty! SOLD

The wind whips the leaves around her blowing skirt, one toe peeps out beneath the crinolines as she flirtatiously makes her way toward the shops — or a waiting lover? Isn’t her  coquettish expression charming? The color scheme of this bone china piece by Royal Doulton is a wonderful palette of deep red, purple and green. The Antique Trader Royal Doulton price guide values this … Continue reading I feel pretty, oh so pretty! SOLD

Miss Piggy – SOLD

Miss Piggy’s been adopted. (But you can read on to find out what you missed) With her larger than life personality, her killer karate chops (not to be confused with pork chops) and those big violet eyes (remind you of a certain other movie starlet?), Miss Piggy earned legions of devoted fans during the run of the The Muppet Show in the late 1970s. Now … Continue reading Miss Piggy – SOLD

Scaredy Cat!/SOLD

It’s the time of year for grinning pumpkins, rubber spiders, and small monsters roaming the streets.  For candy corn, caramel apples, and dentist’s nightmares.  Yes, it’s Halloween time. Only as an adult (thanks to Martha Stewart) have I come around to enjoying Halloween.  As a child, Halloween was just fraught with… “issues.”  I’d select a costume-in-a-box at Woolworth’s (one year mine was the same as … Continue reading Scaredy Cat!/SOLD

Keeping cool: Summer Colors selection

I love the blog Poppytalk for all the handmade shopping, design and DIY ideas.  When the challenge came out last week for Poppytalk 2011 Summer Colors I gleefully submitted images that exemplified the concepts of yellow, blue, and red.  (I missed pink day, which is too bad because I had some doozies!)  My pic (above) of a wet penguin in the Central Park zoo was … Continue reading Keeping cool: Summer Colors selection

A Fabled Attic First! Shamrock makes Treasury!

I’m so thrilled that one of the pot o’ gold shamrocks has been included in a Treasury collection — Luck of the Irish — by CherriKissBlackHeart! If you want this Luck of the Irish shamrock from Fabled Attic, order now before someone else nabs it!  (Though if they do, there are other styles to choose from…) Continue reading A Fabled Attic First! Shamrock makes Treasury!