FOR SALE: Mid-century architecture you can carry in your pocket

  Mmmm. Minty. This is a commemorative medal/coin dating from 1969.  (Buy the coin now.) I bought this souvenir while on a church youth group trip from York Beach, Maine to Pennsylvania. We toured… Continue reading

Hearts & Flowers

Flowers at work brighten any grey day.

St. Patrick Style

Sometimes my fingers just need to make something.  And I look at the calendar for inspiration, and I start thinking about sparkly things and… well, just look what happened! Lucky lapel pins! Get… Continue reading

Tea Time: My Kingdom for a Scone!

For sixteen years or so, I celebrated my birthday each year with a tea party.  The tradition started when I was a junior in college, living in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The heydays were when… Continue reading

Sis-boom-bah! Read Moomah!

There’s a great new online magazine that will inspire parents, suggest things for bored children to do, answer the eternal question “what’s for dinner?” and just tickle your funny bone.  It’s MOOMAH —… Continue reading

Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas!

The things I do for you….

I don’t know if you’ll notice a difference, but I’m spending this beautiful fall Saturday indoors learning the Secrets of WordPress.  The rockstar session will begin shortly.

Spooky Goblin/SOLD!

I can’t quite wrap my head around it — but suddenly it’s fall.  The roadside stands are filled with apples and pumpkins. It’s almost time to get out the rubber spiders. If you… Continue reading

I feel pretty, oh so pretty! SOLD

The wind whips the leaves around her blowing skirt, one toe peeps out beneath the crinolines as she flirtatiously makes her way toward the shops — or a waiting lover? Isn’t her  coquettish… Continue reading

Miss Piggy – SOLD

Miss Piggy’s been adopted. (But you can read on to find out what you missed) With her larger than life personality, her killer karate chops (not to be confused with pork chops) and… Continue reading