Fun, Fun, Fundraising!

Hats off to all the people in the world who do things for the causes they believe in — who pledge to walk, run or bike in a great, cheerful display of support, who devote countless hours to planning events that bring people together as a community to be educated and rally around an issue or charity, and even to those whose effort may simply include texting 90999 to help the Red Cross provide aid to tornado-ravaged towns in the U.S. and those still struggling in Japan and Haiti.

I’m trying to teach my kids about the idea of community and the importance of supporting one another in good times and bad.  We have certain charities we give to and I urge them to think about what they care about and how they might help.

More locally, they pitch in and help me design and make things that we donate to their school for the annual fundraiser.  Last year it was monsters (with a secret pocket in the mouth for hiding treasures!) and this year we made Patriot Pins, pillows and even a sock monkey in the school colors and using bits of the school uniform. I was delighted that last year’s critters sold out!


4 thoughts on “Fun, Fun, Fundraising!

  1. those monsters rock.

    I must confess I don’t understand the pillow’s text. go ga? does it mean go gaga? is it some reference to that singer everyone knows so much about except me?

    1. Well, I’m assuming as a learned man, you recognize the homage to the Robert Indiana LOVE statue — a popular icon here in the City of Brotherly Love. Clarendon type. That offset O.

      The “GO” is fairly obvious, yes? It’s the “GA” that has you flummoxed. That’s G’town Academy, the name of the school (which used to be located in G’town, and was attended by George Washington’s son or adopted son or something like that). Hence, together, it’s a sort of cheer, as in “Go GA!” The school will willingly accept any donation you’d care to forward, in case you’re inclined to pay for this bit of additional learnin’ you just received.

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