Everything you ever wanted to know about Sock Monkeys…

Check out “A Chip Off the Old Sock” by Linzee over on the Etsy Blog Storque for the historical background on sock monkeys, their perennial fascination to collectors, and why crafters find them an amusing challenge to create.

The raw material for sock monkeys are Rockford Red Heels, socks that are currently made in Osage, Iowa, by Fox River Mills. The socks first appeared in 1932, when the Nelson Knitting Mills of Rockford, Illinois, added the red heels to differentiate their socks from those made by competitors. They named the heel the De-Tec-Tip. In 1951, when the company learned that crafters were turning De-Tec-Tip socks into stuffed animals, they started enclosing sock monkey instructions with each pair sold. Fox River continued the tradition (the pattern also includes instructions for a sock elephant) when it bought the assets of  Nelson Knitting in 1992.

2 thoughts on “Everything you ever wanted to know about Sock Monkeys…

    1. If not in your local Sock Emporium, then I’m assuming somewhere in the vastness of the internet, one can order them. For instance, from Fox River directly! They also have a store finder — looks like Atlanta and outskirts are your best bet.

      I will also mention that you can use any kind of sock at all to make a plethora of creatures. I got the book Stray Sock Sewing by Dan Ta from my local library and had a chuckle. Bought some $1 easter socks at Target and intend to make something wacky. You can get the start of an idea here.

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