I feel pretty, oh so pretty! SOLD

The wind whips the leaves around her blowing skirt, one toe peeps out beneath the crinolines as she flirtatiously makes her way toward the shops — or a waiting lover? Isn’t her  coquettish expression charming?

The color scheme of this bone china piece by Royal Doulton is a wonderful palette of deep red, purple and green. The Antique Trader Royal Doulton price guide values this red “Autumn Breezes” figurine at $375.  I certainly don’t expect to get that for it — I just want her to find a good home, perhaps where she’ll sit on a table while people drink tea and gossip. She’d like that.  Visit my Fabled Attic shop at Etsy.

This lovely lady is from Royal Doulton’s “Pretty Ladies” series, created by designer Mr. Leslie Harradine.

Autumn Breezes, England, HN1934Photo shows detail of the Royal Doulton mark on the bottom.

Made in England

Royal Doulton


Bone China

signed by artist: CF

Rd. No. 835666

HN 1934 (hand-written)

After 1959 all the information was printed. Based on the configuration of the crown, and the hand lettering, I’d estimate this was one of the first made, early editions of these figures, in the 1940s (I think it dates from 1945 — imagine England’s war torn landscape, and the factory turning out these charming, cheerful ladies). The HN in the HN number stands for Harry Nixon, who was the chief artist of the figurine line.

The figure is in perfect condition — no cracks, no crazing, no repairs.


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