Spooky Goblin/SOLD!

Goblin for Sale!

I can’t quite wrap my head around it — but suddenly it’s fall.  The roadside stands are filled with apples and pumpkins.

It’s almost time to get out the rubber spiders.

If you are a Halloween enthusiast, then this ghost-with-the-most may be just the thing to add to your collection this year.

This ghoulish fellow is a 1930s composition candy box posted for sale in my Fabled Attic Etsy shop.  He shows his  age, I’m afraid, but is no less adorable and most certainly has that wonderfully authentic 1930s era appearance.  The web experts on these matters (shout out to Mark B. Ledenbach) will warn you against the plethora of faux product in the hot Halloween collectibles market, but I assure you that this little fellow has come straight to me from my dad’s collection of childhood treasures and is 100% authentic vintage, no retouching.

The coordinating black cat I sold was given an estimate of $75-95 (would have been much more if it were in better condition).  Due to the damage to Spooky’s top hat, and flaking and crazing of the hand-painted finish, this ghoul is a Halloween steal at $35.  I just want him to find a happy new home.

My grandmother, Marion Smith, worked for the General Wayne Candy Company in Indiana

My grandmother worked for the General Wayne Candy Company in Indiana.  That’s her in the ad (standing).  I am rather certain that she brought these home from work one day.  I like to think of her choosing among the variety of figures that were available (wouldn’t you think there must have also been a pumpkin and a witch?) before finally settling on the little black cat for her daughter, and this dapper top-hatted ghost for her son (my dad).

(Gosh, maybe he’s a skeleton wearing a sweater because it’s cold outside.  What do you think?)

These days, I like to take my kids to Shane Confectionery  (110 Market Street) in downtown Philadelphia.  Stepping through that door, you feel as though you’ve gone back in time.  It’s worth a visit if you have a hankering for candy and time traveling!

*Stay tuned for the candy shop Santa I’ll be selling.  Same period, but he’s a jolly tall fellow with cotton beard and velveteen suit!


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