Sis-boom-bah! Read Moomah!

recycled boxes and cardboard paint make a playtown

Moomah shows you how to make a cardboard town

There’s a great new online magazine that will inspire parents, suggest things for bored children to do, answer the eternal question “what’s for dinner?” and just tickle your funny bone.  It’s MOOMAH — from Tracy Stewart. Oh, sure, you know her husband Jon as that funny fellow who delivers the news with an extra helping of funny bone on “The Daily Show.”  But Tracy was the mastermind behind Moomah Cafe — a place for coffee where you could get a scone and a to-do kit (make a polar bear diorama!) to keep your kids amused while you nibbled and sipped.  The Manhattan cafe evolved into an online magazine — now available.  The magazine’s tag line?  “Be inspired and know you are doing enough.”

Check it out!

 The Golden Book Encyclopedia of Natural Science, from 1962

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